Many misconstrue massage therapy as a luxury/spa day, when in reality the purposes for massage therapy can range from many different health issues, both physically and mentally.


Massage has a deep overall effect on animals and assists the release of contracted fibers that resist movement. The reduction of tension and enhanced circulation affects the entire body which includes organs, nerves and muscles.

Wonderful Benefits of Dog Massage:

·        * Accustoms your pet to touch

·        * Stimulates the cardiovascular system to increase blood flow and promote healing

·         *Improves lymphatic drainage (detoxifying effect)

·        * Eliminates toxic waste before it builds up in muscles and around the joints

·        * Reduces tension and anxiety

·        * Breaks down adhesion’s and reduces scar tissue

·        * Reduces swelling and edema

·        * Increases flexibility and range of motion of joints, decreasing the risk of future strain and injury

·       *  Strengthens the immune system

·         *Decreases stress and pain through endorphin release.

·        * Delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells to provide for efficient function

 *The material is not intended as medical advice, it’s intended as a sharing of knowledge and information.

I am not a veterinarian and do not diagnose any conditions, perform surgery or prescribe medications, I can assess the muscles as part of being a Canine Myofunctional Therapist. Muscle therapy is not a replacement for proper veterinary care and any injury or disease must be medically diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. I encourage you to make your own pet health care choices in collaboration with a certified pet health care professional.